The smart speaker switching solutions with app control

Audioflow 3S-2/3/4Z


The Audioflow switch is carefully designed to be a convenient and safe way of switching between multiple speakers in a typical domestic multi-room audio system.

It is perfect for connecting ceiling speakers, on-wall and in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers and outdoor speakers to a single amplifier output.


You would be able to connect speakers in different areas. For example, a Bedroom / Dressing / Ensuite, or an Open Plan Kitchen / Dining / Living Room / Garden 

without the expense of multiple amplifiers.


The speaker switch provides lots of flexibility by allowing you to enable and disable any combination of the speakers attached to it with the buttons on the front of the unit, over Wi-Fi with an app for iOS / Android, the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant or Contact Closure connections.

-Control via Wi-Fi with the Audioflow app for iOS / Android

-Control the switch via Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

-Control the switch with Contact Closure

-Rated for amplifier outputs up to 300W at 8Ω

-Designed and manufactured in the UK